Liberation is Personal

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Liberation -freedom from the notion of self- works on a personal level . Anyone I've seen liberated, my self included, reached liberation when they engaged on a personal level. "There is no you", is not a philosophical hypothesis. It's a personal challenge. 
Broaching liberation from an academic perspective is fine. It'll give you an academic understanding. A looking in view. Liberation on an academic level. 

If you are looking for personal freedom -in my experience most are- you need to approach liberation on a personal level. You need to look to see if you exist personally. That's the level of practical day to day liberation. Look to see if your personal self exists. I urge everyone to consider liberation on an academic level once they have attained this experience of personal freedom. First step however is the level of personal experience.

This liberation from the notion of self is powerful. Approach it on a philosophical and you'll gain a philosophical understanding. This has it's uses, and many have pursued this. One of my favourite philosophers David Hume for one. 

Approach it in a scientific context and you can gain a scientific understanding. Many have. Thomas Metzinger, a prominent philosopher, relies on scientific evidence.

V.S Ramachandran
 can even give you an understanding in the domain of neuro-science.

The real meat in this for me and many more like me, personal freedom, comes from approaching this on a personal level.
If you want the practical experience of liberation, you need to approach liberation on the level of practical experience. Isn't that ridiculously simple? Doesn't that sound obvious? And yet vanishingly few ever will, though consistently that number grows.

It's easy to approach liberation on the practical level. Easy to attain personal freedom. You are looking to see if self exists in personal experience. You are checking to see if you exist. You who are reading these words. You who has a name and a face. 
You do not need to analyze a brain scan print-out, philosophise from empirical evidence, or build a logically perfect argument. You need to directly consult your personal experience. Where is Stephen? or John? or Mary? or whatever your name is? Where are you in relation to that?
Can you find yourself? Do you exist?

These not to be taken as philosophical questions. 
There are personal questions. 
They are about you personally and are to be taken on the most personal level.
They question the existence of you alone, not of all you take to be yours. Not of your body, mind and life. None of that is in question. You personally are in question. Where do you, (insert name here), appear in the body, mind and life once thought to be yours?
It doesn't get any more personal than this. 

You want personal freedom, so the burden falls to you to approach this on a personal level. Is there a personal you? Look and see